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Thailand Photoshoot

Trip to Thailand.

Before we went on our trip to Thailand in January, I decided to pack a small Photoshoot Kit just to make sure that if I saw a perfect location I had the necessary basics with me to do a shoot. Our trip started in Bangkok from there on we went to Chiang-Mai, Pai, Krabi (Ao-Nang), Koh Samui, Koh Tao to eventually end in Bangkok again.

This trip of three weeks was filled with visiting beautiful places, some of them I highlighted in this post. Enjoy the photo’s, I had a hard time choosing the best ones! During our first stop in Bangkok, we visited temples, the grand palace, and china town! The grand palace and China town for sure are in my list of most beautiful locations I’ve ever seen.


The grand palace left a deep impression on me. The Grand Palace was filled with sculptures and drawings of mythical creatures, often half-human, half creature. Symbolism is a big part of the Thai culture and I loved seeing a different way of communicating culture and stories than in the west.

The palace was filled with color, ornaments, and a lot of gold which happens to be one of the colors that I use most in my visuals. The amount of time the artists spend on decorating the palace is unbelievable. All the ornaments are hand-decorated with mirrors, ink, and porcelain.

Sculpture in The Grand Palace


China-Town was filled with people, colors, smells, and was super crowded. Although I normally like to avoid crowds I loved the atmosphere. The way the artificial lights reflect and illuminate the buildings almost looked like an illusion. It also made me realize how much I love to think and work with studio lights!

While we were walking in China Town we discovered a store that sold jewelry and other designs specially made for performers and artists. Amongst those items, I saw two beautiful chest pieces entirely made from pearls. I loved them immediately and couldn’t resist buying it!


After our visit to Bangkok, we went to Chiang-Mai, Thailand’s second-biggest city. Chiang-Mai is a beautiful city, which is perfect for sightseeing by bike. We visited one place which is definitely my favorite place I’ve seen so far. It is called the Pha Lat Temple.

The temple is located in the jungle and is only accessible by hiking the monk trail. This location was so serene and completely overgrown by plants and flowers. This visit will definitely spark inspiration for a new image anytime soon!



After visiting so many temples, nature reserves, and beaches it was clear that I wanted to do at least one shoot at the beach. I’ve always felt a strong connection to the sea and the unknown creatures who live there. After traveling to Chiang-Mai, Pai and Krabi we found the perfect beach in Koh Samui, where the water was clear and where the landscape has beautiful rock formations!

I hardly ever work on location, but now was the chance to create some awesome visuals in a new setting and let the creativity flow!

I’m glad that I brought so much stuff with me, there are too many beautiful places in Thailand that are perfect for a photoshoot.

This is the shot I took of my boyfriend, I painted him in a copper color, and we walked to the location near the beach. We had so much fun walking to the location, all the bypassers asked if he got sunburned and what we were going to do. Once we arrived at the location we’ve only had one hour to take the perfect shot in the best daylight. It was a struggle with the hard wind, but I LOVE the end result! I also did another shoot in Thailand, but I will talk about that shoot and how it turned out in my next post!


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