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3014 JS Rotterdam

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From September to January of 2022 the exhibition "Wonderful Things" by Tim Walker is on show in De Kunsthal Rotterdam. Since I started out in photography, Tim Walker has always been a photographer which inspired me with his amazing work. If you haven't seen the exhibition, then make sure to go! Wonderful Things, Kunsthal   Making photographs, to me, is really a kind of dream state. As you tour your imagination, you want to photograph what you are seeing

After meeting Ahmad in Amsterdam in 2019, I've started thinking about a concept for a collaboration. I wanted to create an appealing collaboration with the Triadisches Ballet as inspiration. I’ve been thinking about the Triadisches Ballet for quite some years now and the story behind it always appealed to me. Ahmad Joudeh is a ballet dancer from Syria living in Amsterdam. Ahmad was born in Damascus in 1990 as a stateless refugee.Under the civil war, he experienced life-threatening situations, his home was destroyed, and he lost five family members. After witnessing a child killed in a