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Snap Dysmoprhia - Extraterrestrial, 2021

Snap Dysmorphia – Extraterrestrial

Since I focused more and more on AR and VR filters for social media it made me interested in why these filters are so damn popular with users of Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. The filters are available in a wide range from a puppy dog, alien, butterfly, lip fillers, or eyeshadow.

Social media filters are fun! You can look like a puppy dog, add lip fillers, or look just hot!

Snapchat Alien
Snapchat Alien Filter

Most social apps allow the user to alter their appearance in an instant and conform to an unrealistic and often unattainable standard of beauty. When you alter a photo and the result is a you-but-better-version staring back, you may start to get in your head that that’s what you should look like. Cosmetic doctors are noticing an uptick in people who are bringing face-tuned, filtered and, otherwise altered photos into their offices, calling it Snapchat Dysmorphia.

For this series, I wanted to highlight the disconnect between reality, mirror images, and selfies by using the filters offline; printing them, painting them on my face, or replacing them with a similar-looking object. This image which is part of a still-ongoing series is mainly focused on the face alteration with prosthetics and a bald cap.


Like all my other images this visual started with a concept, idea, and a sketch. I talked about my idea with my interns, and Sylwia started looking for AR filters on social media which would be a good starting point. We decided we wanted to do something with the Alien filter since it is really altering the face of the user. The sketches have been drawn by my intern Sylwia, who is an excellent illustrator. In the sketch, you can see where we wanted to go with the image. The shape of the face is one of the most important things we wanted to alter, the dark background would be great as a galaxy, and the overall colors would be green..

“Feeling like a God above. The kind of perfection to good for this Earth yet to foreign. Done wrong, maybe even unnatural.”

sketch by Sylwia Bilska – Extraterrestrial, 2021
sketch by Sylwia Bilska – Extraterrestrial, 2021


For the set design, we got some inspiration from an old photography book that features photographers from the ’70s. One of the images that immediately got my attention created still-life images in a futuristic kind of way. On the right side, you can see the image that I really loved.

The set design that photographer David created is absolutely stunning!! The colors are amazing and I really love the square-shaped futuristic scene. It has an amazing futuristic and for me nostalgic style!

Sylwia created a similar-looking backdrop for our visual! She made square-shaped forms out of colored thread and tightened this on a black backdrop from paper.

Sylwia creating the backdrop
David - Inspiration Snap
David – Inspiration Snap, 70’s


After creating the concept and the set it was finally time for the shoot, we looked up some inspiration for the make-up and the styling for this image but we didn’t want to be too influenced by other makers for this shoot.

What we knew before planning the make-up is that we wanted to make use of prosthetics. We found the perfect prosthetics on Etsy, made by @sfx_maelstrom. The prosthetics have a futuristic look and are silicone-based. To glue the prosthetics we used Kyrolan Silicone Adhesive NEO, to get rid of the edges we used another product.

It’s kind of scary how the prosthetics made me look very old and aged. Luckily there is always photoshop to make me look young again! 😛

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Studio Rik Verteeg - Backstage Make-up

Studio Rik Verteeg – Backstage Make-up

Studio Rik Verteeg - Backstage Make-up

Studio Rik Verteeg – Backstage Make-up

Studio Rik Verteeg - Backstage Make-up

Studio Rik Verteeg – Backstage Make-up


It was kind of stressful but also exciting to work with prosthetics for the first time and the overall images look exactly how we wanted it to look! Marjolein made an awesome backstage video of me doing the make-up and the final shoot! Go check it out to see how it eventually turned out!


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