Studio Rik Versteeg
Drievriendenstraat 26
3014 JS Rotterdam

Cell: +316 30728245

  • Fine Art Print - The Girl with the Pearl, 2022
    The Girl with the Pearl - Fine Art Print
  • Vase with twelve sunflowers - fine art print
    Vase with twelve sunflowers - Fine Art Print
  • Fae Fine Art Print
    Fae - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 3
    Roberto Angels 3 - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 2
    Roberto Angels 2 - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 1
    Roberto Angels 1 - Fine Art Print
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Fae van Venetien
Exploring the queer (sub)conscious



The project and exhibition ‘’Sensitive obscurities: exploring the queer (sub)conscious’’ comes from a deep desire to connect with the inner struggles, and then ultimately joys, of the queer body. By exploring the inner works of the experiences of five members of the large spectrum, that is the queer community in Rotterdam, the work connects with feelings of anger, loneliness, and abandonment. The reality of living within a queer body that is Othered, and often either put on a holy pedestal or seen as a devilish mistake. By not running away from the underlying abjection of these feelings, visual artist Rik Versteeg has embarked on a journey to create a storytelling exhibition, consensually exploring these very human journeys through a queer and post-feminist lens.

By applying values of radical intersectionality and with a strong focus on care, Licka Lolly, Roberto Angels, Lillith de Ville, Xiang Ye Yueng, and Fae, have been working directly with Rik to complete this visual journey, while also focusing on aftercare and support towards the participants, as vulnerability becomes an almost outspoken dance between the artist’s lens and the humans in front of it. By using a multidisciplinary approach that combines photography, fashion, film, and sound, we attempt a journey through honesty into the deep resonances of the vulnerable, by harnessing and reclaiming the forbidden.

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