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Xiang Yu Yeung
Xiang Yu Yeung
Xiang Yu Yeung
Xiang Yu Yeung


Xiang Yu Yeung 楊香玉 (1992), (she/they) is a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and curator based in Rotterdam. Through an eclectic interdisciplinary approach that combines photography, film, writing, illustration, and performance art she approaches themes such as identity, biculturality, virtuality, power dynamics, witchcraft, and queerness in her work. 

She is fascinated by the interstice between liminal worlds and her work is a continuous exploration of the lived experience of traversing ‘in-between’ cultures, identities, reality, and fantasy. 

She’s a woman on a mission: reclamation is a central theme interweaved in every aspect of her being and expressed through her work; in a world that does not see you, a world that has no space for you, how do you reclaim space, how do you reclaim yourself? 

Through exploring a plethora of multidimensional personas and alter egos in her work as a model/muse/performance artist, she subverts and transcends the one-dimensional stereotypes that so often plague Asian women in western media as either meek or submissive madame Butterfly or a mean and domineering Dragonlady. Creative expression has become a way for her to step into her own power. 

In our collaboration, we researched Xiang’s love for latex fabrics in an unconventional way, with the amazing creations of balloon artist TimnotSimon.


Short lived. Temporary. Yet overwhelmingly powerful and changing. 

Fire underneath your skin. 

My skin. 

The traumas. 

The pains. 

Hurdles and roads less traveled. 

The body has experienced it all. 

And the body remembers. 

A Dragon Lady re-born. 


Rejoicing in her own temporary devourment. 

Embracing it. Accepting it. Letting it pass through her. 

A Lady who is Devoured. Yet, never consumed. 

Always righteous in her journey. 

And lucidly conscious of its unfolding. 

Photography / Videography

Rik Versteeg

Model and Artist

Xiang Yu Yeung


TimnotSimon, BustedBrand, Voyeur X, Rick Owens, Shhh! Couture Latex, Mister B, William Wylde, Lupae, Joseph, Alyx, Anutera, Studio Rik Versteeg


Joana Cavaco

Photography Assistant

Djo van den Assem