Studio Rik Versteeg
Drievriendenstraat 26
3014 JS Rotterdam

Cell: +316 30728245

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Snap Dysmoprhia - Extraterrestrial, 2021
Snap Dysmorphia - II, 2021
Snap 2, 2021
Dog Filter - Snapchat, 2021
Snap Dysmoprhia - Drowned, 2021

Snap Dysmorphia

In an era characterized by the ever-evolving influence of technology on self-perception and identity, “Snap Dysmorphia” emerges as a thought-provoking photographic project that delves into the intriguing intersection of AI filters. This series transcends the boundaries between the digital and physical realms, challenging conventional notions of beauty, identity, and the impact of technology on our self-image.

The works harness the potential of AI’s transformational abilities to transcend the screen, breathing life into these augmented digital forms. Each AI filter is meticulously translated into a real-life self-portrait. Through careful application of makeup, hairstyling, and props, Versteeg effectively metamorphoses into the avatar-like figures that emerged from the AI filters.

“Snap Dysmorphia” invites viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between self-perception and technology. It prompts questions about the malleability of identity in a digital age, where AI filters have the power to shape our perception of ourselves and others. By embodying these digital distortions in the real world, Versteeg bridges the gap between curated online personas and the tangible human experience.

Photography / Model / Make-up

Rik Versteeg

Photography Assistants

Sylwia and Marjolein