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3014 JS Rotterdam

Cell: +316 30728245

  • Fine Art Print - The Girl with the Pearl, 2022
    The Girl with the Pearl - Fine Art Print
  • Vase with twelve sunflowers - fine art print
    Vase with twelve sunflowers - Fine Art Print
  • Fae Fine Art Print
    Fae - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 3
    Roberto Angels 3 - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 2
    Roberto Angels 2 - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 1
    Roberto Angels 1 - Fine Art Print
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Snap Dysmoprhia - Extraterrestrial, 2021
Snap Dysmorphia - II, 2021
Snap 2, 2021
Dog Filter - Snapchat, 2021
Snap Dysmoprhia - Drowned, 2021

Snap Dysmorphia

Social media filters are fun! You can look like a puppy dog, add lip fillers, or look just hot!

Most social apps allow the user to alter their appearance in an instant and conform to an unrealistic and often unattainable standard of beauty.
When you alter a photo and the result is a you-but-better-version staring back, you may start to get in your head that that’s what you should look like.
Cosmetic doctors are noticing an uptick in people who are bringing face-tuned, filtered and, otherwise altered photos into their offices, calling it Snapchat Dysmorphia.

For this series, I wanted to highlight the disconnect between reality, mirror images, and selfies by using the filters offline; printing them, painting them on my face, or replacing them with a similar-looking object.

Photography / Model / Make-up

Rik Versteeg

Photography Assistants

Sylwia and Marjolein

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