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Lilith de Ville

Lilith de Ville

Isis Nominanda Cruz (she/her), is a trans femme performing artist born and raised in Rotterdam in 1978. As an artist, she has an alter ego named; “Lilith de Ville”.  Before her transition, Isis felt inspired by Lilith, a mythological female demonic figure. Isis read a lot about Lilith’s characteristics and was attracted to her powerful and unconventional identity. Lilith represented everything that Isis wasn’t in that moment, and confronted the dark side of Isis’s identity. During Isis’s transition, Lilith guided her through her spiritual journey.

During her transition, Isis felt the need to perform and received encouragement from several cultural institutes in Rotterdam. This was the first time Isis translated Lilith into real life. Her first performance ritual as Lilith de Ville was during her addiction treatment. It was the first time Isis created a performance without any substances. By doing a performance sober, Isis felt her inner strength and confidence for the first time. 

Through her trans femme body, she takes the audience on a journey into a sensual trance by showing her body in erotic rituals. Her audience enters a trance-like state through her repetitive movement. In her work, she challenges the symbolic nature of our reality through objects and gestures related to sex and ecstasy. She aims to challenge the view on conventional society, gender expression, and gender identity.



The one and only. 

Alpha and Omega. 

The beginning and the end. 


All at once, this is Lilith de Ville’s sweet farewell. 

Running towards a glorious afterlife. Secure, 


And Righteous. 

Adieu! Adieu! 

Madame Supreme. 



An ascension. Oh Mother of Mothers! 

Adieu, sweet Lilith. 

May your memory always be a blessing upon our queer heads. 

Photography / Videography

Rik Versteeg

Model and Artist

Isis Cruz / Lilith de Ville


Joana Cavaco

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