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Licka Lolly


Afif Shafit also known as drag character Licka Lolly, is an immigrant from Malaysia who moved to Rotterdam about 6 years ago in order to live with his husband while also pursuing a better future. Within that time they discovered Drag, which connected with their desire to explore (and express) themselves as a queer person. Hence Licka has been working professionally in the entertainment industry since then.

Licka Lolly is seen by Afif as ‘’an eye candy that has a superpower to grab people’s attention’’. They are the vehicle for Afif to deliver their voice as a queer person. As a person who faced a lot of stigmas, trauma, and social challenges in their life, becoming Licka allows Afif to heal himself while also inspiring others. Being Licka involves bending the rule of gender through makeup artistry, fashion, expression, and performance. Accompanied by a firm belief that the future is nonbinary, both Licka and Afif are proud to be part of this collective force.

A prayer, 

for myself. 


For my inner child who deserves love. 

Immense, unconditional, unapologetic.

Queer liberation towards my own body.


Unspoken and holy. 

I am a deity. 


To myself. To others. 

I am my inner altar. 

The finery of healing, like gold, draped around my body. 


Spoken and holy. 

My journey, my calling. 

I am the queer liberation I have been longing for. 


Photography / Videography

Rik Versteeg

Model and Artist

Afif Shafit / Licka Lolly