• Isis Cruz
    Model: Isis Cruz | Designer: Nada van Dalen


As a white homosexual man, I don’t always feel conform to the current streetscape of Rotterdam. For many, this can become a reason to adjust, normalize, and this can result in the feeling that you don’t belong in this public space. This notion inspired me to look for residents of Rotterdam who are familiar with unwanted attention when in public spaces.

During conversations with the models, they expressed the necessity to participate in this project and visualize a counter-experience. Through an in-depth collaboration, we visualized the concept that does not only represent the models as an individual but also makes a statement. The photographs were made from notions of admiration, appreciation, and recognition for their strength and individuality.

The models break with heteronormativity and broaden the visuality of the public space of Rotterdam by their performativity. They are part of the strength of Rotterdam. Through these photographs, I hope to create a space in the street image of Rotterdam for their vision, identity, and creativity.


Thanks to:

Models: Paolo Yao Kouadio, Isis Cruz, Dennis van Vreden and Ma’maQueen.
Assistants: Yaiza Julia, Cindy Damen and Michelle Koppelmans
Designers: Draga Dina and Nada van Dalen.

Winner of the Audience Award 2019.