Studio Rik Versteeg
Drievriendenstraat 26
3014 JS Rotterdam

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Studio Rik Versteeg
Studio Rik Versteeg

Book – Mind Mirage

A Serenade to Hallucination


The Book
The book “Mind Mirage” is a serenade to Versteeg’s hallucinations; it illuminates and sheds light on a lingering darkness. A love letter to the beautiful and wicked thoughts passing through his mind.

“The book is an invitation, a call to embrace the beauty of queerness in all its forms. You will find autonomous work including background information, film stills, queer collaborations, and backstage images. This book is not just a portfolio, but a look peek inside my brain,” explains Versteeg.



– 192 pages
– Hard Cover
– Glossy Pages
– Publisher; Snap Collective Paris
– Expected Delivery Date: December 2023

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