Studio Rik Versteeg
Drievriendenstraat 26
3014 JS Rotterdam

Cell: +316 30728245

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Studio Rik Versteeg


Selfportrait Studio Rik Versteeg

“Art brings things to light.
It illuminates us.
It brings healing.
It sheds light on our lingering darkness.”

2020. / Selfportrait


Versteeg (1990), a queer visual artist, fearlessly explores the realm of self-expression, using his artistic prowess to celebrate and shed light on queer identity. Through a diverse range of mediums and an unapologetic approach, Versteeg weaves together thought-provoking narratives that challenge societal norms and creates space for dialogue and understanding.

Born and raised in Drunen, Versteeg discovered his passion for art at a young age. Versteeg always liked dressing up, playing imaginative games, and making up stories in his mind. Being brought up in safe surroundings and with a family who’s always accepted him for who he is, Versteeg had the space to develop his creativity further. After graduating from art school Versteeg started his own studio in 2013 in Rotterdam.

Growing up as a queer individual, Versteeg often found solace and empowerment in artistic expression. Versteeg began to view their creative journey as a platform for personal and collective transformation. Embracing a multitude of mediums, from make-up, film, photography, and costume design, Versteeg pushes the boundaries of conventional artistic forms, transforming his work into an all-round practice. With each creation, Versteeg skillfully conveys the nuances of queer experiences, addressing themes of self-acceptance, identity, love, and the struggle for equality.

At the core of Versteeg’s artistic vision is the celebration of queer
identity. His works often feature diverse representations of queer individuals,
breaking stereotypes and challenging societal constructs. By portraying a
spectrum of genders, sexualities, and expressions, Versteeg aims to amplify the voices of marginalized communities and spark conversations surrounding the complexities of queerness. Versteeg uses his platform to advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights, foster inclusivity and empower others to embrace their true selves.

One of Versteeg’s notable contributions to the artistic landscape is their ability to blend vivid colors, intricate concepts, and symbolic imagery to create evocative compositions. His use of symbolism and metaphor not only adds depth to his works but also invites viewers to delve into their own emotions and experiences.

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