Selfportrait Rik Versteeg, 2019


As a visual artist, I create alternative realities through photography, film, design, and make-up. In my work, I often focus on socio-political topics that the viewer does not think about every day or that in my opinion receive too little attention within our society. By experimenting with different media and visual starting points, I investigate ways to stimulate the viewer to use their subconscious mind and imagination. In my work, I research topics within and outside the art spectrum such as heteronormativity, social norms, public norms, and gender expression and identity.

By being part of the LGBTQIA + community I do not conform to the heteronormative ideal image and this influences me consciously and unconsciously. Many of my projects are therefore connected with the LGBTQIA + community and reflect on the institutionalized heteronormative norm. I see my visuals as a counter-movement and reaction to heteronormativity and public norms.

My work arises from my own experiences, curiosity, personal topics and is strongly inspired by surrealism and alternative realities. My work is theatrical, conceptual, over the top, detailed, and has a stylized and aesthetic style. In my visuals, I melt different styles together that cannot be categorized. In summary, the center of my work is the human experience, perception, reality, fiction, and visual identity.

By working interdisciplinary with make-up, set design, costume design, photography, and film, I have realized that capturing images is a tool to visualize my concept and thoughts. The power of imagination, the search for the right medium, and working out thoughts in my mind towards a tangible object stimulate me to create. I never use computer simulations for my visuals, but create everything in real life. The viewer must be able to sense and interact with my created alternative reality. 

My work is shown at solo, and group exhibitions, galleries, and art fairs. My commissioned work exists of creating campaigns for a theater maker or designer, a video for a music group or fashion platform, and visuals for cultural institutions.


My studio is located in the city center of Rotterdam near Kruisplein. The studio is part of an artist’s residence in an old school building.


The studio is located near Rotterdam central station and is fully equipped with professional studio lights, backdrops, film lights, and make-up mirror. The studio offers 40 m2 of room for set building, film, and photography.


All the images I create will find their starting point here. With a strong technical background in studio lighting, set design, post-production, and concept design I’m able to create all kinds of styles and visuals in my studio. Every once in a while I will work on location but the studio is the place where I feel most at home and am able to create everything that’s on my mind.

Studio / Atelier Rik Versteeg
Studio Rik Versteeg



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