Selfportrait Rik Versteeg, 2019


As a visual artist, I create alternative realities through photography, film, and design. By using my intuition I can create visuals that break with the rules of space and time, and that melts a diversity of styles together.

Creating visuals gives me the ability to stimulate the viewer to think about certain issues they would normally not think about and appeal to the imagination and subconsciousness of the mind. With my visuals I want the viewer to feel like their observing another dimension and show them my perception of reality.

Craftsmanship is very important for me as a visual artist. Creating the props, set design, and costumes are the most time consuming and essential part of my practice. By creating everything in my studio I allow myself to reflect during the process of visualization.

In the end, I will use lens-based media to capture everything I created earlier in my studio.

Most of my inspiration is drawn from myths, theories, and social-political issues. The visuals I create have an aesthetic and styled feel which can be used for artistic and commercial purposes.


My studio is located in the city center of Rotterdam near Kruisplein. The studio is part of an artist’s residence in an old school building.

The studio is located near Rotterdam central station and is fully equipped with professional studio lights, backdrops, film lights, and make-up mirror. The studio offers 40 m2 of room for set building, film, and photography.

All the images I create will find their starting point here. With a strong technical background in studio lighting, set design, post-production, and concept design I’m able to create all kinds of styles and visuals in my studio. Every once in a while I will work on location but the studio is the place where I feel most at home and am able to create everything that’s on my mind.

My studio is also for rent for a half-day or a whole day. You can send an inquiry through the contact form or the button below.

Studio / Atelier Rik Versteeg
Studio Rik Versteeg



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