Studio Rik Versteeg
Drievriendenstraat 26
3014 JS Rotterdam

Cell: +316 30728245

  • Fine Art Print - The Girl with the Pearl, 2022
    The Girl with the Pearl - Fine Art Print
  • Vase with twelve sunflowers - fine art print
    Vase with twelve sunflowers - Fine Art Print
  • Fae Fine Art Print
    Fae - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 3
    Roberto Angels 3 - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 2
    Roberto Angels 2 - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 1
    Roberto Angels 1 - Fine Art Print
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Studio Rik Versteeg


Selfportrait Studio Rik Versteeg
2020. / Selfportrait


Rik Versteeg (1990) is a Rotterdam-based visual artist, who has been developing his conceptual skills in portrait photography, still life, art photography, make-up, design, and video work since 2013. Originally a fashion photographer, Versteeg blended his photography skills with his interests in costume- and set design, make-up, fashion, and queer culture, transforming his work into an all-around practice.

In his studio, Versteeg creates work that seems to violate the boundaries of time and space and blends several influences and styles. His work is heavily influenced by queer culture, and Versteeg sees his work as a counter-reaction to heternormativity. His latest project Sensitive Obscurities has been subsidized by several funds and resulted in a long-term project and exhibition.

Versteeg’s work has been shown in solo- and group exhibitions, art fairs and galleries, published in magazines and newspapers. His commercial work is mainly produced for other creatives in the industry like theatre’s, musicians, fashion platforms, and designers.

“Art brings things to light. It illuminates us. It brings healing. It sheds light on our lingering darkness.”

artist statement.

As a visual artist, I create alternative realities through photography, film, design, and make-up. In my work, I often focus on socio-political topics that the viewer does not think about every day or that in my opinion receive too little attention within our society. By experimenting with different media and visual starting points, I investigate ways to stimulate the viewer to use their subconscious mind and imagination. In my work, I research topics within and outside the art spectrum such as heteronormativity, social norms, public norms, and gender expression and identity. 

By being part of the LGBTQIA + community I do not conform to the heteronormative ideal image and this influences me consciously and unconsciously. Many of my projects are therefore connected with the LGBTQIA + community and reflect on the institutionalized heteronormative norm. I see my visuals as a counter-movement and reaction to heteronormativity and public norms.

My work arises from my own experiences, curiosity, and personal topics and is strongly inspired by surrealism and alternative realities. My work is theatrical, conceptual, over the top, and detailed, and has a stylized and aesthetic style. In my visuals, I melt different styles together that cannot be categorized. In summary, the center of my work is the human experience, perception, reality, fiction, and visual identity.

By working interdisciplinary with make-up, set design, costume design, photography, and film, I have realized that capturing images is a tool to visualize my concept and thoughts. The power of imagination, the search for the right medium, and working out thoughts in my mind toward a tangible object stimulate me to create. I never use computer simulations for my visuals, but create everything in real life. The viewer must be able to sense and interact with my created alternative reality. 

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