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3014 JS Rotterdam

Cell: +316 30728245

  • Vase with twelve sunflowers - fine art print
    Vase with twelve sunflowers - Fine Art Print
  • Fae Fine Art Print
    Fae - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 3
    Roberto Angels 3 - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 2
    Roberto Angels 2 - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 1
    Roberto Angels 1 - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Xiang 4
    Xiang 4 - Fine Art Print
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November 2021

Since I focused more and more on AR and VR filters for social media it made me interested in why these filters are so damn popular with users of Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. The filters are available in a wide range from a puppy dog, alien, butterfly, lip fillers, or eyeshadow. Social media filters are fun! You can look like a puppy dog, add lip fillers, or look just hot! Snapchat Alien Filter Most social apps allow the user to alter their appearance in an instant and conform to an unrealistic and often unattainable standard of

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