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March 2020

INSPIRATION. There are a lot of stories about the great seas, which often includes creatures living in the seas in many different shapes and forms. Almost everybody heard about those creatures, but almost none have ever seen one. For my visuals, I'm often inspired by myths and stories from the past which have a cultural and spiritual meaning. In my work, I often try to capture and visualize the unexplained and unknown. Not because I love fantasy stories, but because I love to realize fantasies and make them visible to the eye. After visiting the exhibition from

Before we went on our trip to Thailand in January, I decided to pack a small Photoshoot Kit just to make sure that if I saw a perfect location I had the necessary basics with me to do a shoot. Our trip started in Bangkok from there on we went to Chiang-Mai, Pai, Krabi (Ao-Nang), Koh Samui, Koh Tao to eventually end in Bangkok again. This trip of three weeks was filled with visiting beautiful places, some of them I highlighted in this post. Enjoy the photo's, I had a hard time choosing the best ones!