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3014 JS Rotterdam

Cell: +316 30728245

  • Fine Art Print - The Girl with the Pearl, 2022
    The Girl with the Pearl - Fine Art Print
  • Vase with twelve sunflowers - fine art print
    Vase with twelve sunflowers - Fine Art Print
  • Fae Fine Art Print
    Fae - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 3
    Roberto Angels 3 - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 2
    Roberto Angels 2 - Fine Art Print
  • Fine Art Print - Roberto Angels 1
    Roberto Angels 1 - Fine Art Print
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The Masquerade Ball - Qlick Gallery

Solo Exhibition

December 2019 till January 2020

Solo show of our series the Masquerade Ball at Qlick Gallery located in Amsterdam.

For the series “The Masquerade Ball” Djojo & Versteeg let them be inspired by masquerade balls that were a feature of the carnival season in the 15th century. During the Renaissance, masquerade balls were extended into costumed public festivities in Italy. They were generally elaborate dances held for members of the upper class and became particularly popular in Venice. Guests could infiltrate events by wearing a mask, making them unrecognizable, and could pretend to be someone else. The Venetian aristocracy and other party-goers took full advantage of a scandalous fashion frenzy night of anonymity, which sometimes even ended with fatal results.

The Masquerade Ball - Qlick Gallery - Studio Rik Versteeg
The Masquerade Ball - Qlick Gallery - Studio Rik Versteeg
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