This is a memory of a dream I once had

When I was younger I suffered from night terrors and had a recurring nightmare for about a year. Today, I still cannot explain this dream or harmonise it with meaning.

Early civilisations thought dreams had prophetic power, as if it were messages between the gods and life on earth. Mid-twentieth century Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung had formulated some of the most well-known theories about dreams and dreaming in western society. Freud’s theory of dreams centred around the notion of repressed longing. However, Jung argued that dreams are our conscious and subconscious mind accommodating each other. 

 Within the western scientific research that has been done, we neither grasp the reason of why we dream nor do we comprehend the meaning of dreams. This leaves room for interpretation.

By visualising the memory of a dream, I found a way to transform a traumatic and painful dream into aesthetic images and try to design the hypothetical hidden message of my subconscious.