Commissioned Work.

Since my start in 2013, I had the pleasure to work on challenging assignments for a variety of clients.

I am a lens-based artist producing visual imagery for the cultural industry. I have created photography and videos for newspapers and magazines, fashion designers, social institutes and the entertainment industry. Recently I was awarded the audience award of De Kracht van Rotterdam 2019.


De Kracht van Rotterdam Audience Award 2019, Inholland Pulieksprijs


Kiki Bonanza solicited the services of Rik to make a video clip. It started with a nice brainstorm session a few months before the shooting. The meeting went smoothly and we felt like Rik understood what we wanted. Shooting the clip was very fun and exciting, a breath of fresh air. He understood what we wanted and added that pizzazz you expect when hiring a creative professional.

The communication in between periods went well, he makes time, listens and was very quick in answering when we had questions or concerns regarding the final product. All in all, we couldn’t be happier with the result and the overall smoothness of working together.

– Laura & Shany, Kiki Bonanza

Clients and Partners.

KinkiKappers Rotterdam / Gurushots / BettyFordClinic / LivvClub / / De Kracht van Rotterdam / Groos / Wasteland / Rotterdam Pride /  Volkskrant Weekeinde / Roodkapje Rotterdam / Podium Bloos / Wylde Magazine / Gun Magazine / Blend/Bureaux / TWOL24 / Daan Draait / The Boyscouts / DJ Roog / Inclusief Media/ Wiemooiwilzijn / Treatwell  / Mr Marvis / Emergin-C / Pavone / Ilona Putkaradze / Linda Schumm / Quanis Professional / Jardinique / Natwerk / Puck Schot / Hipsick / Janneke Schellekens / Yung Feurich / The Performance Bar / Kiki Bonanza / Trans Magazine

Art Fairs, Exhibitions & Competitions.


De Kracht van Rotterdam (2019)
Foederer Talent Award/Eindhoven (2015) (Djojo & Versteeg)

Art Fairs:
All represented by QLICK Gallery (The Masquerade Ball, courtesy of Djojo & Versteeg);
Affordable Art Fair Brussels (2018)
Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam (2017)
Art The Hague (2016 & 2017)
KunstRAI (2017)
For Real Art Fair (2017)
This Art Fair (2016)

Solo Exhibitions:
“The Masquerade Ball” QLICK Gallery, Amsterdam, (2016 & 2017) (courtesy of Djojo & Versteeg)
“Fashion Photography Prophets”, Kunsthuis 18 Naaldwijk (2013)


De Kracht van Rotterdam, Kinki Kappers Rotterdam, during Rotterdam Pride (2019)
Liquid by Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam (2019)
Imaginary Band Land by Roodkapje, Rotterdam (2018)
The Performance Bar TakeOver | Hipsick Unusual Theatre & Friends, Rotterdam (2018)

With images by Djojo & Versteeg
InterTENTtion/TENT, Rotterdam (2017)
(Un)labbeled Camp Pride/Rotterdam Pride (2016)
Most people are other people/Industriegebouw, Rotterdam (2016)
Roodkapje Radicals + ULtra/WORM, Rotterdam (2016)
Ambtenarenjargon/ Dutch Minstry of Finance/The Hague (2015)
Fotonale/Brugge (2014 & 2015)
Rotterdam International Art Fair (2014)
See me take over/NewYork (2014)
The Selfportrait/Amsterdam & Hilversum (2014)
Festival 39 Graden/Breda (2014)
Cultuurnacht/Breda (2014)
Barter/FoamLab Amsterdam (2013)
En Groupe/ Sint Maria’s Gallery Rotterdam (2013)

Film Screenings:
Teaser “Puppies for Sale”, snippets shown in trailer “Amsterdam Fringe Festival” (2018).
With movies by Djojo & Versteeg
Winterwolven V ‘Shelters’, Documentary/ Roodkapje Rotterdam/Daan Draait (2016 & 2017)
Define Slow Fashion/ BLEND/BUREAUX (2016)
From Sculpture to Body/Ilona Putkaradze (2013)


Print Pulications:

Digifotopro, Mode & Glamour Interview, Nummer 5, 2019
Linda. Meiden, Feminist Colofon, Sept-Oct 2019
Hollandse Beelden Editie 14, De Kracht van Rotterdam, 2019
TransMagazine Cover (2017)
Campaign Wasteland (2016)
CHMPGN/Amsterdam (2015)
Rotterdamse Kunstkalender (2015)
Curated Newspaper/Bristol (2015)
De Etalage/FOTOgrafie Magazine (2015)
Campaign Blik & Bloos /Breda (2014)
De Witte Piet/Volkskrant (2013)
NEW/GUP (2013)
Als hij mij maar niet aanraakt/Gaykrant (2013)
Cover/Fashion Gun Magazine (2013)
Going Dutch/ Wylde Magazine (2013)
Photosynthesis/Gun L’Homme Magazine (2013)
Prophets/Uptempo Magazine (2013)
Beastiallity/Fashion Gun Magazine (2012).

Online Pulications:
NRC Online / De Kracht van Rotterdam (2019)
Nos Online / Een blad vol LHBTQ+ (2019) De Kracht van Rotterdam (2019) De Kracht van Rotterdam (2019)
FotoMagazine APL 26 (2018)
Puppies for Sale Campagne Image, Rail TV & NS Onderweg (2018)

With images by Djojo & Versteeg
Djojo & Versteeg x The Boyscouts (2017)
Djojo & Versteeg Ontwikkelen Pride Expositie/GayRotterdam (2017)
Discover TWOL24/Blend/Bureaux (2016)
Djojo & Versteeg/Landescape Art Review (2015)
The Surrealistic Work of Djojo & Versteeg/ (2015)
Het beste van HP/De TIjd Expo 2014/HP DeTijd (2014)
Djojo & Versteeg the new iconic duo of fashion photography and art-direction/Iconoclast Daily (2014)
Djojo & Versteeg en de mens als weerspiegeling van het universum/HP DeTijd (2014)

Amsterdam Art Fair
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