Selfportrait 2019

Rik Versteeg, 1990

Lens-based artist | Photography, and Video

Photography studio in Rotterdam

Photography runs in my family and is passed on by different generations. I took my first photograph at the age of 12 and soon discovered this was a clear path for me to take. After graduating from Audio Visual-production I was determined to continue my personal development and went to the Willem de Kooning Academy.

After four years of university where I focused on fashion photography, I decided to graduate with a conceptual photography series. The main reason for this choice was to create a series that tells a story and was created from the base.

For me, photography is a way to stimulate the viewer to think about certain issues that they would normally not think about and appeal to the imagination and subconsciousness of the mind. By using my intuition I can create alternative realities which break with the rules of space and time and melts a diversity of styles together. I createe these images by using photography and film. Craftsmanship is very important for me as an artist, all the aspects which are visible in the images are handmade. For me, the viewer must feel like their stepping into another dimension. The only way to achieve the feeling is by creating life-size decors in my studio without the use of any digital manipulation. Most of my inspiration is drawn from myths, spirituality, theories, and social-political issues. The visuals I create have an aesthetic and stylized feel which can be used for artistic and commercial purposes.